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Gianmario Masala

Gianmario Masala

Milano Lombardia Italia


Gianmario Masala, was born in Milan and creates artistic images in photography through a particular use of post-production in editing, applied on photos and digital compositions. The variety of textures layers in background (cracked canvas, scraped walls, rust metallic inserts and others materials) together with use of colors and focus on some parts of the image, give the sensation of landscapes' and portraits' paintings of past centuries. The breaking elements highlighted by the fractured textures bring a sense of uneasiness, it puts “beauty” up for discussion to reach a more deep sense of “truth”, of “feel”. In 2007 he started to post his works on many websites and networks (Flickr, Art Limited, Behance, and some other blogs) and to expose his works in some solo and collective exhibitions.