The Forest series

Artworks and photographs gallery of forests and trees.

Sormano’ s Symposium 2017

Artworks for the International Contemporary Art Symposium of Sormano (Como), Italy

Harmonia [2011 exhibit]

Artworks for the Harmonia exhibit iin Finland, in collaboration with the artist and curator Antonella Prota Giurleo.

Parco Sud Milan [2010 exhibit]

Artworks for the Parco Sud Milan exhibit in Milan (Italy), in collaboration with the photographer Mirko Bozzato.


Alternative or redux versions of my artworks


Gallery of macro photography or close-up artworks of living organism and small plants and flowers 

Long Exposure

Gallery of long exposure photography artworks. 

Visual Art

Gallery of digital artworks or mixed compositions between photographs and photoshop graphic elements. 


Gallery of portraits and close-ups photographs and artworks.


Gallery of landscapes and still life artworks and photographs.